Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 3...

Perfect way to start a chilly morning in Green Springs, OR... Hot tub, gigantic cinnamon roll, and earl grey tea. Last night was incredibly chilly with a chance of snow, totally strange when you left an 80 degree day only hours before. We woke up to icicles hanging from the hot tub, crazy!!! A leisurely morning before check out, then a quick drive to Hyatt Lake on a wildlife viewing road. There snow on the ground which of course I had to walk through to get closer to the lake, in my flip flops (you know you're from California when...) The lake was beautiful, and unlike anything we see at home.

We saw so many sights on the drive up to Portland, tons of trees, green beautiful trees, horses, and beautiful birds. The greenery alongside the road was a sight for us desert kids. We've discovered that happy cows come from Oregon. There are open fields with tons of animals all wandering, happily munching on grass.

We were so glad to reach Portland and see our Jessica in her Peet's. She was kind enough to let us loiter until the rental car was due back. After a quick trip to PDX Mud, Philip, and I headed to Pambiche the most amazing Cuban food EVER! The decor is so bright and cheery and the food is equally delightful. Empenadas, slow roasted pork, "vacas fritas", and Palm Beach coolers make us happy to be back in Portland.

We are here now with our Hohensteins watching a movie and chatting about the fun wedding festivities, mostly champagne and Skipper burritos. Heading out for Seattle tomorrow, but not before stopping by Powell's and enjoying some delicious Portland brews. We are missing our fur babies, friends, and family but having a great time so far!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Mielke

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