Thursday, May 6, 2010

All Aboard

Day 5...

Today was a beautiful day, but as it was a travel day there isn't too much to report. The Hohenstein's dropped us at union Station this morning so we could catch a train to Seattle. It was bittersweet as it was sad to leave our friends but was an exciting morning, especially for me as it was my first train trip!

The sights were beautiful. Rich green forests, deer resting in fields, bridges, old barns, I could go on and on. It was nice to sit back and relax watching the world go by us.

The hard part was seeing some of the clear cutting from the train windows. I see it as a necessary evil, we obviously depend on the lumber industry for many things, but to see the devastation it has on the natural landscape is still a sad sight.

We arrived in Seattle this afternoon and originally planned on staying the night, but instead purchased a bus ticket and headed North to Canada. Crossing the border was quite simple with the bus lines as they sort of fast tracked the tour buses. We made it out an in in just 15 minutes.

We're staying in downtown Vancouver for the next two nights until the ship departs on Saturday. We have a small but nice room on Granville near tons of restaurants and a blues club we may visit tomorrow night. There is a variety of international foods and knowing us we'll try many of them. Tonight it was Indian, and we'll just have to see what tomorrow holds. As we are in Canada to avoid any nasty international charges on our phones, we have them off but you can reach us through email if you need us. Hugs and kisses to everyone, especially our doggy and kittens who we miss terribly. Thanks B and Forrest's for watching them for us, they are in good hands!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Mielke

Dear Portland...

Dear Portland,

We love you! We were having so much fun that with a bit of convincing (just a bit) from Jessica we changed our train tickets and stayed an extra night!!!

To continue with our fabulous food fest, we had breakfast at Kenny & Zuke's a Jewish deli downtown. I remember this place from our girls trip to Portland, and knew that Phil would enjoy it. We shared some nova lox and a corned beef breakfast sandwich...YUM!!! To work off breakfast we perused Powell's city of books for a bit, and it was as lovely as I remember it to be. How can one not love 5 levels of literary goodness?!? We followed with an unofficial Portland brew tour a sampler at Deschutes downtown, moving on to Broadway brewing company, and then Fire on the Mountain, a wing joint with delicious tangerine beer, and Prost! a German bar that serves everything in traditional bar ware.

We rounded out the night with some friends of Mud and Jessica at a Cinco de Mayo party and capped it off with a $ PBR tall can at the Hungry Tiger. Oh, Portland you have left our bellies and camera full of goodness.

Until next time...

Mr. & Mrs. Mielke

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 3...

Perfect way to start a chilly morning in Green Springs, OR... Hot tub, gigantic cinnamon roll, and earl grey tea. Last night was incredibly chilly with a chance of snow, totally strange when you left an 80 degree day only hours before. We woke up to icicles hanging from the hot tub, crazy!!! A leisurely morning before check out, then a quick drive to Hyatt Lake on a wildlife viewing road. There snow on the ground which of course I had to walk through to get closer to the lake, in my flip flops (you know you're from California when...) The lake was beautiful, and unlike anything we see at home.

We saw so many sights on the drive up to Portland, tons of trees, green beautiful trees, horses, and beautiful birds. The greenery alongside the road was a sight for us desert kids. We've discovered that happy cows come from Oregon. There are open fields with tons of animals all wandering, happily munching on grass.

We were so glad to reach Portland and see our Jessica in her Peet's. She was kind enough to let us loiter until the rental car was due back. After a quick trip to PDX Mud, Philip, and I headed to Pambiche the most amazing Cuban food EVER! The decor is so bright and cheery and the food is equally delightful. Empenadas, slow roasted pork, "vacas fritas", and Palm Beach coolers make us happy to be back in Portland.

We are here now with our Hohensteins watching a movie and chatting about the fun wedding festivities, mostly champagne and Skipper burritos. Heading out for Seattle tomorrow, but not before stopping by Powell's and enjoying some delicious Portland brews. We are missing our fur babies, friends, and family but having a great time so far!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Mielke

A most romantic getaway

Day 2...

Oh the things good nights sleep can do for you!!! We awoke feeling rested, happy, and read to start the day. We had a delicious breakfast with Allison at a bagel shop just around the corner from their house. Allison drove us to the airport where we hit our first honeymoon roadblock... The rental car place was a nightmare and would not honor the price originally quoted. After calling around for plane tickets, train tickets, Allison rides, and other rental companies, we found a car and a company that wouldn't charge us $500 for a one way drop (Yikes!!!)

We drove up the 5 through Northern California, and watched as the landscape changed into beautiful Mt. Shasta. I have never driven this far North and it was amazing to see the mountain peak covered with snow sprout up from the rolling green hills.

We found an AMAZING cabin just east of Ashland Oregon to stay for the night. This place is fantastic and if you ever find yourself in the Ashland area we highly recommend it. The cabin is beautiful with cathedral ceilings, gorgeous views, and a private hot tub on the deck that looks out over the forest. There is a restaurant at the lodge where Phil and I had dinner last night and even the food was amazing! pasta for me and a burger on a homemade bun for my hubby. They had some local brews on tap which was a treat, and we were even able to take some back to our cabin to enjoy in the hot tub.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Do you know the way to San Jose

Day 1...

After a delightful brunch with family and friends Philip and I began our honeymoon journey with two of our favorite folks. We had the great pleasure of driving North with Allison and Anthony. The trip was long but was full of laughter, music (thanks Jessica for a fantastic love song mix!!!), and delicious snacks. We stopped for dinner in Gilroy, CA for some BBQ and and left feeling fuller than ever, and ready for a good nights sleep. Our driving buddies became our gracious hosts for the evening as driving on to San Francisco seemed a bit much. We were very grateful to rest our heads at their fabulous home in San Jose. The house was as friendly as its owners and we are so happy to have the opportunity to stay with them and their adorable kittehs!!!